Class Description

Monique M. Villanueva received her B.A. in Organizational Studies with a depth in educational systems from Pitzer College. She is a multiple awarded scholar and a 2011 J. William Fulbright Research Scholar Finalist for Mathematics Education. She has completed one year of graduate study majoring in Special Education and Education at Claremont Graduate University. Monique has been tutoring and mentoring children since 2002.  Her passion for helping young minds make connections in their own unique way highlights her ability to bridge gaps in education. Monique has been an advocate for special needs education and is a modern and “think outside the box” instructor.  Monique is a mother to a son with autism and understands its challenges and beauty. It inspired her to connect with students on a spectrum of learning styles to maximize their success.  In 2014, she designed and implemented a college preparation program workshop for high school students for the City of Claremont, which was awarded a CBO grant for its popularity within the Claremont community.  Monique is well rounded and specializes in mathematics through Algebra 2, all facets of English language arts, the social sciences, computer software, study skills, life skills, SAT study, and college preparation.