Class Description

Jesica Lambertson has been an art teacher for 5 years. She grew up with a passion for art and the world around her. Every day is an opportunity to create! She began teaching her nephews and niece in 2014, and quickly expanded to teaching other children. Jesica loves encouraging kids to think outside the box so they can view the world with a different lens. She is versed in a wide range of mediums and believes that any child, no matter how young, has the ability to use artist-grade materials.

Jesica also homeschools her own children, as well as teaches private paint parties for adults.

For more information, please contact Jesica at or call 626-664-4373

Art With Aunt Jes

Classes Offered: (Please note that all classes will be taught virtually until in-person classes are permitted by the state and by Charter Schools)






Weekly 1.25 hour classes (K-12): This class teaches kids a wide range of mediums and techniques, including drawing, painting, color theory, form, light and shadow, and multimedia. Students will also be introduced to famous artists and specific art styles.

Price: $280/Semester (all materials fees included)




Weekly 1.5 hour classes (2-12th grade): This class is similar to the shorter 1.25 hour class, but students are able to delve deeper into art technique and history.

Price: $300/Semester (all materials fees included)

Private Lessons and Project-Based Classes:

Private Lessons and Project-Based Classes are available intermittently. Private lessons can be taught one-on-one or two-on-one for families that want more customized and personalized instructions for their child. Project-based classes are a total of 3-4 hours and are great for families that cannot commit to weekly classes for a full semester.


Private: $25/1 hour

Project Based: $35/project

(All Materials Fees Included)


Charter Schools Accepted: Sage Oak Charter School, Blue Ridge Academy, Granite Mountain Charter School, Sky Mountain Charter School, Excel

Non-Charter Students are Welcome! Parents are welcome to pay out-of-pocket. Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Cash, and Check are accepted.

Please note: all content taught will be non-sectarian. Art With Aunt Jes and Pathfinders Homeschool is not a school. We support an independent study model and merely offer classes to support parents and kids in their educational journey!