Class Description

Nicole is a math nerd. She has always loved it, even happily leaving 6th grade camp early to participate in the regional Math Olympics (which she won!). She intended on becoming a middle-school math teacher, but her creativity and curiosity got in the way. She spent the majority of her college career as an art major, before changing course at the very end and graduating with a BA in Theology from Azusa Pacific University. Still, she received her CBEST certification, and intended on substitute teaching while figuring out her career path. Though she never ended up subbing, she has tutored or taught math in some capacity over the last 20 years. In college, she was a peer tutor in math from College Algebra through Calculus, she tutored math both privately and through Sylvan Learning Center from elementary through Calculus, and she has taught her own homeschooled kids in math from grades K-8.

Before she had her own children, she worked for an educational software company that created interactive math software for elementary and middle school students that was implemented in Pasadena-area schools. She wrote math content, designed and oversaw packaging and production, wrote and implemented the company-wide style guide for all marketing materials, printed media, and correspondence, and encouraged the lunchroom shenanigans and trivia challenges for her colleagues.

Nicole absolutely LOVES to teach and is always looking for ways to make learning FUN. She tries to incorporate art, building, design, or creativity in all her classes. Nicole will encourage your students to think outside the box and to find unique solutions to problems.