Project Description

A passion for learning and trying new things is what drives Corinne to do what she loves best, which is teaching children. From diving deep into a classic novel to getting her hands dirty while dissecting a frog, Corinne has taught just about every subject in her 10+ years homeschooling her 3 children and teaching grades K-8th at her local co-op. Integrating history and science with her love of literature is her specialty and helping students fully engage in their learning is her goal.

Corinne graduated with a BA in Education and started her teaching career at a Montessori school as an art and spanish instructor. Along with homeschooling and teaching at a co-op, Corinne tutors elementary and jr. high students in math and language arts. It is Corinne’s hope to instill in her students a love of learning and a curiosity for the world around them.

When she is not teaching, Corinne can be found on a sports field with her children, reading or getting dirty outdoors whether it be gardening or hiking.