7:2 – Thursday – “Well Played!”

7:2 – Thursday – “Well Played!”


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Students will learn skills like following instructions, cooperation, strategy/logic skills, language arts, history and science all while having fun and playing games! For grades 3rd-8th

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“Well Played!” 3rd– 8th

Instructor: Corinne Rocha    cori.rocha@att.net

Class Cost: Charter Pay: $150 per semester,      Private Pay: $100 per semester

Thursdays 12:45-2:00

All charters accepted through Homeschool Coaches  po@homeschoolcoaches.com


Nothing better then taking a “break” from school to play a few games.. or so your child will think! Through a variety of board, card and group games, your child will unknowingly be mastering skills such as following instructions, cooperation, focus and attention, strategy/logic and verbal communication skills. We will also be covering topics in math, language arts, history, science and more all through playing games! “Play is the highest form of research” – Albert Einstein  So let them play! 


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Grade Level

3rd-8th Grade

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Please submit following to your charter:

Vendor Name: Home School Coaches (Abby Zabby, LLC)
Coach: Corinne Rocha
Class: “Well Played” Learning through Games
Dates: 9/10/20 – 12/10/20
Class Duration: 1hr 15 min/weekly, 13 lessons
Cost: $150 (charter)
Private Pay $100:
Cash or Check
Venmo: @Corinne-Rocha, cori.rocha@att.net,
Zelle: (626) 437-2387

Materials Required

Materials Required:


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