4:4 – Monday – Project-Based Math

4:4 – Monday – Project-Based Math


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Explore foundational math concepts through active, project-based real-life learning! Grades 6-8th

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Project-Based Math: 6-8th 

Instructor: Nicole Hanson     nhanson123@gmail.com

Class Cost: Charter Pay: $275 per semester        Private Pay: $225 per semester

Mondays 1:45-3:00

All charters accepted through Homeschool Coach    po@homeschoolcoaches.com


In this class we will explore foundational math concepts through active, project-based real-life learning. We will discuss where math exists in real life and work both individually and in groups to solve complex problems and math-based plans.


We will spend time daily practicing basic math concepts such as what are integers, solving for x, scale & proportion, statistics & probability etc, but the bulk of our class time will be spent solving real-world problems and finding solutions. 


We will complete several class projects that will incorporate life-skills and offer opportunities for interdisciplinary study, including budgeting, goal-setting, short- and long-term planning, geography, art , science, business, and more. 

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6th-8th Grade

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