5:3 – Thursday – Modern World History, Part 1 (Fall)

5:3 – Thursday – Modern World History, Part 1 (Fall)


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In this class we will learn about the spread of Imperialism, Colonization, Civil Wars, and Nationalism and many other fascinating subjects!

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Instructor: Jenise Flower  jeniseflower@hotmail.com

Class Cost:  Charter Pay: $275 per semester           Private pay: $225 per semester

Thursdays 9:00-10:30

All charters accepted through Homeschool Coaches    po@homeschoolcoaches.com

Grades 4-8

Join me as we study Modern World History; in this class we will learn about the spread of Imperialism and Colonization, Civil Wars and Nationalism, and many other fascinating subjects.  We will practice our writing skills, as well as work as a team to grow our public speaking skills. This class will include both in-class and home-based writing assignments. While we have a primary text we use for information, this class also incorporates literary references; students will read 2-3 books a term. Art projects, games, and other hands on activities will help us better understand the world in this time period, as well as how it all relates to our world today.  My goal is for your student to walk out with both a solid grasp of Modern History and an increased interest in learning more about the subjects we cover.

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4th-8th Grade

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