7:1 – Thursday – Elementary Science

7:1 – Thursday – Elementary Science


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Exploring the Wacky World of Science!

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Instructor: Mary Anne Cheraz, DBA Lessons By Design

Semester Pricing: $280 (All Charters accepted)

Thursdays 12:15-1:30

Grades: 3rd-5th Grade

Wacky World of Science

Fall/Spring Semester

Students will explore the wild side of science! To be unleashed in the classroom: hands-on very messy experimentation using safe household items such as simple soaps, bath supplies, and/or food items from the kitchen.

We will be following a basic recipe for success as follows:

Include equal parts: Matter, Phases of Matter, Heat Transfer, Convection, Pressure, and FUN!!! Stand back and watch the results! Overview of NEXT GEN SCIENCE 3rd-5th Standards covered.

Expectations: At home reading assignments along with optional paper and pencil activities for home.

Book: DK Smithsonian. a visual encyclopedia

ISBN: 978-1-465-47323-3


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Materials Required:

Book: DK Smithsonian. a visual encyclopedia

ISBN: 978-1-465-47323-3



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