8:1 – Thursday – a-g High School Chemistry

8:1 – Thursday – a-g High School Chemistry


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High School Chemistry

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Instructor: Mary Anne Cheraz (Lessons By Design)

Semester Pricing: $450 per semester (Private pay discount available, All Charters Accepted)

Thursdays 1:30-3:30

Grade Level: 8th-12th Grade

a-g High School Chemistry 1A/1B

Credits per semester: 5 credits per semester (Meets HS requirement for Physical Science)

Prerequisite/Co-requisite: Algebra 1 with a “C” or higher and Biology with a “C” or higher (recommended)

Course Overview

This is a one-year standards-based course of study of fundamental chemical concepts. This course is designed to be an introductory course in Chemistry to prepare students to succeed in a college level chemistry course, and be provided with a solid foundation that will better enable them to explore other scientific fields such as biology, physics, and geosciences. In this laboratory science course, students will be involved in a number of different learning approaches such as classroom work, independent bookwork and associated text assignments, laboratory sessions, alternative group work and applications of mathematics and problem solving.  The students will demonstrate their critical thinking abilities by answering analytical questions from the textbook, key assignments, and lab activities. The students will gain a greater depth of understanding of fundamental chemical concepts, such as atomic theory and its relation to chemical behavior, chemical bonding, the mole and stoichiometry, molecular kinetics, energy relationships, solution dynamics, acids-bases, equilibrium, organic and biological chemistry, and nuclear interactions.

This course is designed to help students think scientifically and develop the skills necessary to succeed in an entry-level college chemistry course. Students will develop critical thinking skills necessary to not only understand key concepts, but be able to apply, analyze, and synthesize these concepts. This course is created to give options to students who learn in different ways while ensuring that all students will be able to ask questions, define and solve problems through investigations, analyze and interpret data and use it to create models, argue using evidence, and overall think critically about Chemistry.  By the end of this course, students will attain these higher-level thinking and processing skills necessary for success in college courses. Students will also master the California Chemistry

Class Expectations and Assignments

Through a dynamic process of investigation and collaboration and using the same processes and technologies that real scientists, applied mathematicians, and engineers use, students work in teams to formulate questions, make predictions, design investigations, collect and analyze data, make products and share ideas. Students learn fundamental science and mathematical concepts and principles that they apply to their daily lives.

Textbook & Supplies*

This course was written following, Holt Modern Chemistry 2012, Student Edition

ISBN: 978-0-547-58663-2

*Lab Materials supplied by teacher

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Grade Level

9th-12th Grade

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Materials Required:

Textbook & Supplies*

This course was written following, Holt Modern Chemistry 2012, Student Edition

ISBN: 978-0-547-58663-2

*Lab Materials supplied by teacher


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