7:3 – Thursday – Students In Action Leadership/ASB

7:3 – Thursday – Students In Action Leadership/ASB


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Grade Level: 7th-12th Grade. Students will learn how to lead as individuals and as a team.

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Instructor: Kristin Batman    kristin.batman@gmail.com

Semester Fee: Charter Pay: $300 per semester    Private Pay: $275 per semester

Thursday 12:45-2:00

 All charters accepted through Homeschool Coaches  po@homeschoolcoaches.com

The Leadership Class will aim to inspire 7-12th graders to lead independently as well as work as part of a team. The students will become enlightened about local and global community needs through research, exploration, and discussion. The goal of this class is to provide training and tools for each student to feel confident in their abilities to make a positive difference in their world.


As a member of a team, each student will be encouraged to choose, research, organize, and lead a community service project focusing on a specific need. They will design their team structure, assign roles and responsibilities, and manage the project. In addition, weekly meetings will be conducted keeping each team member accountable while learning to work with different personalities as well as the difference of opinions.


The class will also include an official Associated Student Body.  The ASB leadership group is a student government and leadership group consisting of a combination of elected, appointed positions that represent the student body, creates fun and insightful events for students and much more!  


 Special community service leaders will be invited to speak to the students about the impact they have made in their community and will inspire students to consider community needs and ways in which they can help meet those needs.


Spring one-day training sessions will be conducted at a location in the Los Angeles area coordinated with Multiplying Good / Jefferson Awards Foundation. These training dates, as well as the competition day for speeches, will require parent participation and carpooling.  During the spring semester, the team will write a detailed report about their project and will prepare a seven-minute speech about their project that will be presented before a panel of five judges.


Note: Training / Competition Dates – will be released during Fall and Spring Semesters.

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Purchase Order Instructions

Purchase Order Instructions (Fall):

Coach: Kristin Batman
Vendor Name: (Abby Zabby LLC) Home School Coaches
Class: Leadership Class
Start Date: Sept 10th
Cost per lesson: $20
Duration of lesson: 75 minutes (12:45-2:00)
# of lessons: 15
Total Cost: $300
Lump sum payments require due to nature of class
Self Pay Info:
Fall Semester Fee: $275
Must be paid in full on or before Sept 10th (No refunds due to investment in curriculum and online learning resources)
Kristin Batman accepts Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, Cash or Check. Please contact her for more information.
Paypal: kristin.batman@gmail.com, 626-375-7701
Venmo: @Kristi-Batman
Zelle: 626-375-7701

Materials Required

Materials Required:

Journal, Pen, Pencil, Highlighters


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