Monday – Elementary Botany (Spring)

Monday – Elementary Botany (Spring)


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Explore the wonders of Botany!

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Instructor: Mary Anne Cheraz DBA Lessons By Design

Class Price: Charter Pay: $300 per semester   Private Pay: $250 per semester

Mondays 12:15-1:30

All charters accepted – ask for purchase order instructions.


Class Description, ‘Herbal Apothecary!’


Explore the wonders of Botany! Spring semester only. Investigate the parts and life cycles of plants and trees. Study seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs and their practical uses as well as legendary stories and plant lore. During lab times, students will be using herbs and spices to create concoctions such as teas, ciders, soaps, balms, and satchels along with edible recipes. Examples of class activities include steeping cinnamon brew and baking herbal scones.

Students will receive weekly reading assignments for home. Optional written assignments are available for home use, although teacher will not be collecting homework. Class will be using the DK Eyewitness Plant book as a resource see details below.


Plant, DK Eyewitness Book ISBN: 978-0-7566-6035-2

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Grade Level

4th-6th Grade

Purchase Order Instructions

Please submit the following information to your charter school:

Name of Vendor: Lessons By Design (Mary Anne Cheraz)
Is Student registered with vendor: Yes
Units: Other (Semester)
How many classes/months/weeks: 5 months
Description of Service: Elementary Botany (Spring)
Length of class: 75 min. 
Price per class: $60/monthly
Beginning date: 1/4/21
Ending date: 5/24/21
Total Cost: $300

Materials Required

Materials Required:

Plant, DK Eyewitness Book ISBN: 978-0-7566-6035-2


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