Instructor: Rebecca Frederick

Semester Pricing: $275 ($225 Private Pay, All Charters Accepted)

Thursdays 1:45-3:00

Options: Tuesday (online) or Thursday in-person, Or take both for two days of instruction

Singapore Math 5A/5B

Singapore Math is world renowned for helping children master mathematics using a transition from concrete objects to pictorial representations to abstract concepts. It also focuses on teaching math in a logical order, developing every concept purposefully and step-by-step so that children gradually develop solid conceptual understanding. They learn not just how to do math, but also why what they’re doing works!

In the first semester (5A), we will cover factors, multi-digit multiplication and division, adding/subtracting and multiplying/dividing fractions, area & perimeter, and ratios.

In the second semester (5B), we will work through decimals, volume, percent, angles, rates, data analysis, and algebra concepts.

Required Materials: Primary Mathematics Standards Edition

  • Textbook 5A            ISBN: 9780761469858
  • Workbook 5A            ISBN: 9780761469995
  • Home Instructor’s Guide 5A ISBN: 9781932906264


  • Textbook 5B            ISBN: 9780761469865
  • Workbook 5B            ISBN: 9780761470014
  • Home Instructor’s Guide 5B ISBN: 9781932906271