2:5 – Monday – California History, Part 1 (Fall)

2:5 – Monday – California History, Part 1 (Fall)


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Learn about the rich, wonderful history of California!

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The History of California, Part I (Grades 3-6) 

Instructor: Jenise Flower      jeniseflower@hotmail.com

Class Cost: Charter Pay: $275 per semester        Private pay $225 per semester

Mondays 10:30-11:45

All charters accepted through Homeschool Coaches  po@homeschoolcoaches.com


We live in an amazing state with a rich history and fascinating geographical and geological features.  Today, California stands as the world’s fifth largest economy, but how did we get there?  What is it about California that makes it such a successful and sought after state?  We will study this and more in our class, going back to the animals that roamed before humans, the earliest human settlers, our relationship to Mexico and Spain, the Missionary period, our introduction to the United States, our role in the modern world, and everything in between.  Join me as we use art, music, literature, botany, and games to learn about our diverse and extraordinary state. Assuming there is interest, we will take a trip to the San Gabriel Mission so that we can see history in person. I hope to see students leave with both a better understanding of the place they live and academic growth in the areas of writing, map reading, and comprehension, among other things. I also hope that they leave with an increased interest in History, because to understand History is to understand the present and the future. 

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