1:3 – Monday – Leadership

1:3 – Monday – Leadership


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Students In Action

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Instructor: Kristi Batman

Semester Fee: $300

Mondays 9:00-10:15

Grades: 7th-12th Grade

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Three Pillars of Students In Action Leadership Class:
● SERVICE: The class is aimed to enlighten the students about local and global community needs
through research, exploration, and discussion.
● LEADERSHIP: Using their leadership skills, youth expand volunteer capacity in their school and
● RECOGNITION: With Jefferson Awards, youth recognize their peers and community members for
excellence in service.

The class will proceed through different phases throughout the year:
○ Prepare / Forming Team Phase: (September)
■ Design team structure, assign roles, and responsibilities.
■ Most of the work will be completed during class; therefore, minimal homework will
be assigned.

○ Investigate Community Needs Phase: (October)
■ As a team, the students will be encouraged to research and investigate the needs in
their local community.
■ Most of the work will be completed during class; therefore, minimal homework will
be assigned. Multiplying Good training will potentially occur within this timeframe.

○ Planning / Fundraising Phase: (November /December)
■ Decide, plan, and organize a community service project(s) they desire to implement.
■ Most of the work will be completed during class; however, there will be individual
and/or group assignments that will need to be completed during this time-frame;
such as: interviewing experts/professionals about the specific need they are address,
raising awareness by talking to family, friend, and store managers about the need
they are address in order to raise the needed in-kind or monetary donations.

○ Execution Phase: (January / February)
■ Execute community service project(s) by raising awareness of community need and
fundraising to obtain the needed monetary and/or in-kind donations (if applicable).
■ Students will need to work together (either as a group or individually) during and
outside of class to raise donations and execute projects. There will be assignments
outside of class during this timeframe; such as; implementation of project, follow
through to completion. Multiplying Good training will potentially occur within this

○ Reflection Phase: (March/April)
■ Complete the written report and blog regarding the team, projects, impact the
projects made on the need. Tell service stories and expand the mission.
■ Write, prepare, and present a 6-8 minute speech reflecting what they did, what they
learned, and the impact the projects made on the need for a panel of five Regional
Multiplying Good judges and other High Schools in the Los Angeles Region.
■ Students will need to work together during class and outside of class to prepare the
written report, blog, and speech. There will be assignments and group activity
outside of class during this timeframe, which can be completed via Zoom. Mid-
Winter Training will potentially fall within this time-frame.

○ Celebration Phase: (May)
■ Recognize and celebrate excellence in service as students will present Jefferson
Award Certificates and Nominations for others who are leading in community
■ Celebration Class for Team – ALL FUN, NO HOMEWORK!

Additional Information:
● Kristin has partnered with Multiplying Good, which is an organization that provides opportunities
(two full days) of training, students to learn to lead their community through community service,
and learn to recognize when others are doing good around them.
○ Kristin will attempt to coordinate a Fall and Mid-Winter Training Days are TBD as they
are provided by Multiplying Good. Additional details will follow — i.e. if the training will
be in-person, virtual, etc….

● This class will provide your students with real-life experiences from marketing, budgeting, project
management, teamwork, to leading and addressing local community needs.
● The goal of the class is to offer training and tools for each student to feel confident in their abilities
to make a positive difference in their world individually and as a team.
● Special community service leaders may be invited to speak about the impact they have made and
inspire students to consider needs and ways to help positively impact them.
● Please Note:
○ Our class utilizes several social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube) to
raise awareness, implement projects, and post our annual speech videos. The parent will be
able to decide whether or not they want to provide permission to Kristin Batman,
PathFinders, and Multiplying Good at the beginning of the year to use any images of their
○ Students will utilize Google Hangouts to promote fluid communication within the team and
to help execute projects.
○ Students will need and use a personal email.
○ Students will also utilize Google Classroom to communicate and implement
○ Parents' support is vital in the success of students learning to lead and grow. You may be
asked to help promote projects and/or assist in students asking for donations for their
○ Team Hopeful Hands Shirts may be purchased during the middle of Fall semester.

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Grade Level

7th-9th Grade, 9th-12th Grade

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