3:5 – Monday – a-g World History, Part 1 (Fall)

3:5 – Monday – a-g World History, Part 1 (Fall)


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a-g History course that will take your student through the entirety of human history. This is semester 1.

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Instructor: Jenise Flower  jeniseflower@hotmail.com

Class Cost:  Charter Pay: $300 per semester Private pay: $250 per semester

Mondays 12:15-1:30

All charters accepted through Homeschool Coaches   po@homeschoolcoaches.com


Are you looking for a World History class for your High School student that will set them up for success in college AND encourage an understanding of how history relates to their lives?  This class will meet those needs.  Welcome to World History , an A to G History course that will take your student through the entirety of human History throughout the school year; we will cover half of the curriculum in Part I throughout the fall semester, and complete it through Part II in the Spring Semester.  Students will write papers, including at least one research paper, prepare and present oral reports, work in teams to discuss and analyze historical events and ideas, and participate in fun activities that will grow both their academic skills and show them that learning History can be both pertinent and enjoyable. History is best learned in an environment where we can discuss WHY things happened, and WHERE did it take us; History is not just a series of events that occur in isolation, but a continuum that can have long reaching effects. My goal for this class is that your students not only understand that, but learn how to use critical thinking to apply it to their studies and lives. 

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9th-12th Grade

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