6:3 – Thursday – Rockstar Reading & Comprehension


Reading & Comprehension with Book Club!

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Instructor: Kristi Batman

Semester Fee: $280

Thursdays 10:30-11:30

Grades: 3rd-5th Grade

Class Description: Learn how to read like a Rockstar in Mrs. Batman’s Reading and Comprehension class!  This step-by-step reading comprehension class will explore different reading topics and passages that will teach students a variety of reading skills, which will deepen comprehension. Joint class activities and interactive group work will be implemented to generate a fun learning environment.  A variety of reading sources (different levels) will be used, even some silly ones that will encourage fun and laughter.  Finally, by having a Rockstar Book Club, students will read and explore 2-3 chapter books per semester. Sharing (circle) time will be incorporated every other week to encourage students to discuss the novels we are reading!

Book list will be provided later this summer! 


Summary of skills we will cover during this class

Fall Semester, 2022
  1. Main Idea and Supporting Details
  2. Drawing Inferences
  3. Text Evidence
  4. Theme and Summarize
  5. Describing Characters
  6. Context Clues
  7. Main Idea and Supporting Details
  8. Drawing Inferences
  9. Text Evidence
  10. Theme and Summarize
  11. Describing Characters
  12. Context Clues
  13. Poetry & Figurative Language
  14. Stories, Dramas, Poems
  15. Point of View


Spring Semester, 2023
  1. Illustrations in Text
  2. Making Connections/Text & Visual
  3. Compare & Contrast Themes & Topics
  4. Ask and Answer Questions
  5. Summarizing
  6. Analyzing Historical, Scientific, Technical Text
  7. Context Clues
  8. Text Structure
  9. First & Secondhand Accounts
  10. Text Features
  11. Author’s Reasons & Evidence (Author’s Point of View)
  12. Pictures and Images in Text
  13. Comparing Two Texts on Same Topic

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