3:3 – Monday – FIAR – Five In A Row

3:3 – Monday – FIAR – Five In A Row


Five In A Row


Instructor: Bridgette Ontiveros

Semester Pricing: $250 ($200 Private Pay)

Mondays 12:15-1:30

Grades: 4-8 Years Old


Five in a Row
Come along with Ms. Bridgette on a FUN literary adventure for kids 4-7 years old! Through great picture books and an enjoyable learning environment, we’ll open the doorway to some amazing learning. Due to the nature of FIAR and staying true to the curriculum, I’ll cover all the messy art and science projects so you don’t have to do it at home! We’ll also dab in a bit of history, vocabulary, geography, human relationships, applied math, and writing. I’ll partner with you on a week-to-week basis to cover more than 20 delightful books both in the class and at home. My goal this year is to provide your child a wonderful educational foundation during these special elementary years with “inspired learning through great books.”

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4-8 Years Old



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